The most expensive and most luxurious home of billionaire famous actors World

1. Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl his home in Los Angeles to Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley singer sale of their colonial home in Los Filiz famous incident in the Hot Tub in the 2010 sale. Katherine Heigl in all the interviews, explained that the two men in the incident after hearing screams Hot Tub neighbors reported to the police. The two houses were bought in 2007 amounted to US $ 2.55 million, the house has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, floors are dark wood, living room, beautiful landscape, rear balcony, courtyard garden, a pool and is a massage parlor. Private as well as its environment is that none of the neighbors did not see it. The asking price of 2.659 million dollars.


2. Foster This house since its construction in 1935, 4 bedrooms, three full baths, two half baths on each floor, living room, step, dining room, kitchen, screening room, central courtyard with pool and patio, and multiple balconies, the guest suite above the garage with a bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a roof terrace is. 6.399 million dollars in house prices.


3. Jennifer Aniston
All change in Her Bel Air home run Ast.jnyfr Aniston Jennifer Aniston and her lovely big house in early 2012. Her Bel Air Shopping (design is the work of designer preference Quincy Jones) The house has been restored for all ages is. Renovations are completed, Jennifer created a poultry farm in the backyard, he has added a vegetable garden. Jennifer Aniston, what else has done to this house?

One bedroom Add
The master bedroom is a paradigm shift
Add a carport
A kitchen and bathroom renovated (but not major changes)
Change of pool and massage parlor
Moving stairs
Renovated pool house
Add a new bar, library and washrooms for women


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