Kylie Jenner gives a tour of her four luxury cars

Kylie Jenner gives a tour of her four luxury cars.Kylie Jenner has given a tour of her four luxury cars which range in value from $150,000 to $300,000.Sitting in the driver’s seat of her most expensive vehicle, a white Rolls Royce Ghost, Kylie says: ‘It’s just so classy, makes me feel so boss – it’s the smoothest car I’ve ever driven’.In the video blog posted to the 18-year-old reality star admits: ‘It’s probably way too many cars for a young woman’ but reveals that she loves cars so much, ‘it is what it is’. Kylie pointed out that she loves the light wood interior, the ‘RR’ logo everywhere and the fact the ‘speed shows up as a hologram on the windshield.’The reality star is seen in the clip wearing one of her green wigs, comfy gym clothes, a beige baseball cap and black bomber jacket.In case there was any doubt about how much she loves cars, she captioned the clip: ‘I’m a serious car girl. I spend so much time in the car, so it’s really important that I love my ride. And I do. I LOVE all four of them!’ She introduced the tour saying ‘Everyone’s been requesting a car tour so I decided to show you guys all my cars’ The teen star begun by introducing her Range Rover Autobiography extended version, the first car she bought, which retails for around $150,000.

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