House expensive and luxurious and beautiful singer Rihanna

“Rihanna’s” 25-year-old actress and singer after months of his $ 22 million mansion in the Caribbean island of Barbados finally return to this resort. “Rihanna” is said to be readers of his wealth to more than 90 million dollars. His mansion on the shores of Sandy Lane 3 thousand meters in 2009 at a cost of 21 million 800 thousand dollars, and now 34 staff, including security guards, cooks, gardeners, maids and responsible dinghy with “Rihanna” in it Live.

The mansion includes a private beach, 5 bedrooms all suites, 6 bathrooms equipped, luxurious lobby, Swimming Pool, a cloakroom and a reception hall. “Rihanna” one of the actors and singers wealthy that he was in charge of music albums, he recently bought a large property in Manhattan. 

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