Ferrari 458 Spider in Tehran incredible price

There are also more expensive dollar and currency exchange calculate the price of imported vehicles rather than the reference currency, the average price of imported vehicles in the first 6 months of this year compared to last year’s 5.66 percent. According to customs statistics, the average of all vehicles imported from April to the end of August 92, 20 thousand and 879 dollars.  It should be  noted that the UAE, China and Korea are the three countries that have been most imported cars than they do. The most expensive and the cheapest cars A ban on imports of Porsche and Maserati, other than the name of the Marquis of imported cars to be seen. The fish is some 200 thousand dollars and even 100 thousand dollars less than other cars on the list of imports to be seen. Not long ago a 8.5 million dollar Ferrari 458 with astronomical price arithmetic headlines. But now re-imported to another device’s imports of the red Ferrari. The most expensive Ferrari 458 Spider convertible is a car imported in September. The price of the Ferrari entered the UAE, the equivalent of 507 million 204 thousand dollars and 411 thousand dollars listed.

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