Everything about the Green Card Lottery and America

Perhaps you want to know what the purpose of the annual DV lottery What is America? Dream of America’s role in the lottery? The lottery draw program in the US annually. Winners of the lottery are entitled to receive Green Card America

What is a green card?
Green card for permanent residence in the United States. US Green Card holder can freely like any citizen in this country to live, work and education.  Iranians after receiving a green card under some circumstances, people with accommodation, no problem to travel to Iran with the same card back to America. And without a visa to travel to America.
Every DV lottery program and immigration America America America held by the government and all of the conditions can participate.

America government each year through lottery grants 55,000 green cards from around the world. Every year the list of countries whose nationals are allowed to participate in the lottery are announced by the Department of Immigration America.

Iran has allowed our country this year has been among the countries. Which countries can participate in the lottery that national standards and what countries can not, it depends on the number of immigrants in the United States. A large number of citizens each year otherwise migrate to America.

In fact, lottery chance for countries with fewer immigrants each year they send to the country, so that they can create an equilibrium between race and immigration. That’s why it’s Diversity Visa Lottery (Diversity Visa Lottery) has been called.



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