Boucheron Showcases Animal Instincts and luxury jewelry

French jeweler Boucheron’s love for animals is plainly evident, with what is called a bestiary included its collection since 1858. With its new collection at Paris Haute Couture Week, the French jewelry house has presented us with a few new creatures to accessorize an outfit. Joining the Boucheron animal kingdom is the “Collection of Animals”,  with expertly crafted bejeweled charms providing the wearer with new designs that can now hold a unique meaning and symbolism for their wearers. Some, like the Hera and the snakes will be familiar to those with a keen eye for key jewelry designs. Nevertheless, even the old favorites are presented with new twists

Artistic creativity has been matched with the exceptional skill of the Kering-owned jeweler’s craftspeople to bring a new “Collection of Animals” to life in 2016. Drawing on expert techniques such as carving, polishing and of course stone setting, Boucheron’s master jewelers have sculpted gold, crafted shapes and worked with various high-end materials to develop designs for this new high-end jewelry range.

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